Please note, I am not accepting new customers at this time.

Please click here to request a service appointment or call us at 985-231-1248.

Cell Number Preferred

I prefer having your cell phone number so that we can text you an appointment reminder the previous day, send estimated time of arrival, and, if necessary, notify you of scheduling changes or traffic delays. When the signal is too weak for a voice call, texting may be the only way to contact you from a previous appointment. If I am forced to delay or miss your appointment, I will contact you as soon as possible.

Before the Appointment

Here is what you can do to help me be more effective during an appointment:

  • Remove all objects from the piano and the music desk. It helps me not to have to decide where to put fragile items to protect them from pets and children (and myself) during the tuning.
  • Clear the space around and under the piano. Position your grand so I can pull out the action.
  • Humidity control system (e.g. Dampp Chaser Piano Life Saver system), if you have one, should be plugged in and running. Plugging it in after the tuning will cause the piano to go out of tune. Here's why.
  • Quiet. Please don't run vacuum cleaners or schedule noisy services such as house washing and carpet cleaning during the tuning.
  • Pets: I don't mind quiet pets keeping me company. Sometimes I need to spread my tools around the piano. If your dog is a chewer, please keep him/her away for his or her own safety.

Cancelled and Missed Appointments

I charge a $100 fee for a missed appointment or a cancellation less than 24 hours prior to the appointment time.

First Appointment

If this is the first time I will be servicing your piano, please provide as much information as possible about its condition. Are there broken strings? Broken action parts? Do the keys stick? Is anything else inoperable, worn, or missing? Have you been told by another technician that there are problems with the pinblock or that the plate is cracked? The more I know in advance, the better I'll be able to address your needs.

Please Be Aware...

... that the piano is made of natural materials that change with humidity and temperature, affecting the tuning, regulation, and voicing of the piano. I take special care to provide stable tunings and regulations, but they will last only if climate conditions don't change.

New strings take several months to stabilize. After replacing a string, I'll tighten its coil, seat it at the hitch pin, and tune it several times, but the string will still need to be retuned a few days or weeks later. Replacement bass strings may take up to several months to stabilize.

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